Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What Was Outback That Was Dusty And Exposed To The Weather That I Do Not Know Where It Went As I Cannot Find That Now On The Google Search. It Is An Old Whale That I Used To Love To Go And Check To See How On Earth That Whale Was In The Midst Of The Academy Of Sciences Yet I Rode MY Blue Schwinn Right Up To See It Personally. Where Did You Put It After You Remodeled The Academy of Sciences, And by the way, you did a terrible job on that remodel, you ruined the entire museum, its completely stupid to even visit. So should you go to San Francisco don't bother spending your money on the DeYoung or the Academy of Sciences but definitely go to the Japanese Tea garden as that at least is exactly as it was, totally cool.

Shingles is not Popcorn on the old Bell System is that Wow,
does the paint of green to say that what is done happened how the afternoon of long ago,
815 Address I know was the House of whom to Show a me not you as I am here and that makes this a bench of toe:  I came to say hello and ask if I could look a bout??,

I said hello I did live here when I was just a kid??,

I rang the doorbell and you said what is your name its in your Fed??,

The door is where upon the bricks up the hill pink house or sill,
that garage so steep its strange,
the doors open like the back door cheered,
and at that fun to walk around I said nothing you stood proud,
not that path of what is that,
how did you know that door had found,
a three inch neigh.ole to just be that match to what next door did bean,
the drive across the driveway not for the garden is a taught??,
it is the fact that garden had a Plum Tree with a special taste,
as that door on each a said what is the 22nd bed??,
a sister in law or brought by Pine how is the ever in eye deed??,
recognition quick as read grumpy gooft with cat at Tau!!

Now that Cat is Wares,
does the car park slant Astaire??

Fred did say my nickname first,
what is the name of Billy's get??

Tried and True or Compass find how does Science Fee^old Braid,
is that apartment building there to just be what the bank of lair,
round to what is on the siding yet on the inside it spares like pumpkin`d??,
who would know garage door Parked the cars inside yet where is the states of mail on the boxing dazed??.

Safeway Plaza is not Masonic how did UCSF know that Temples Hill for Nan^duh its a Tunk,
than to what Rossi Pool where is that Grove width strange Church of Hoo??

On fine be that biggest Sail,
cart to carriage alley straight,
a fence to spoke backdoor of less rise the pen at 811 trust,
for on the speak of in-law homes,
there are you who's that ever stay to be the strangest traveling tune,
yet what of what is what to what should Mary Malcolm know Uncle Russ in Texas as the photograph??

Climb the tithe or offering,
what is the title of get a bass,
trout to Bahamas Harbor Island??

Than what is the Water with the Rein??

Uncle Sam and never drained,
for is the A-Frame in the woulds of describe of Joplins stood,
why is the from to now I found that home for sale and asked that Man,
is Mill Valley sweeping under stride for training I with lies and stocked??

Then Lucky Drive did have a Truth that Bill sighed Maher or Graham??

Real Time