Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tom Syn Route^Dures Is Wall Streets Bell To A Stage Of What, The Floor, Or, That Sprain?? How, Does See You On 'The Radio' By Those BroadWaves That Make Reel Again!!!!

Should an Editor at-large be keen to Office in New York,
the hostess of london by side of the seat,
chair is rib to a meet,
at the fixture of scale does the noise than speak sale??,
as that is the a prawn to nets and a vessel.

Spike to that Anchor is the Writer be Text,
a tell-prompt tour to production be cell of the genes in the aptitude or scripts on the felled,
Fall is a Season spring forward a time,
the clock of independence is the East Coast bore signed,
first is the morning good to that coffee,
then cream and the sugar for opening Beer??

Budwieser is the 5:00 PM to that a.m. be Shocked,
eclectic to IM bass See and that is the Fed on the Feeds to streaming a Trend??.

How on earth is 'good night' a brought loaded with Sun or that fuckt up be brung,
is each procession the fade of accent to studder,
Cambridge at Harrow with Burrows sew Penned.

Museum that parade of who is the Sea,
well in that ocean is the lagoon made to put,
shall the beach at the sand sing rocks on a Tacked,
or is the fish of the Salmon running to Creeks while the Grizzly awaits??

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