Wednesday, October 12, 2016

As The Language Gags Grasping The Tiers!!!!!!

The common ground for the theme of the Televangelist of the 1970's to that create a stagger today??,
why is the bother on the the surprise of a Republican Party at the knee^awl^syn rating??,
is it that tremble of the port^toll of how dishes get Wash^EAN^Ton buy the car^Ton of district,
or is that bench in the balance of talk Tell a dice to how the Candidate rumples??

Cast to that is the edition??,
or is it inside information??,
that and a shoulder to the price fixed??,
wall street with a core a nor the cough fin to that whale of a story with a filter for the screen??

What barks to that read would trans^Fir,
the route or the pay^per View of vista at the fine draw of schedule lumber to the timber??,
while the Media taunts the Tack Returned as not not saddled with bits and bright darning,
the base structure goes to church and puts out the plates!!

From conversation to heavy hand did hover craft and mathematics,
sphere to a Catholic and look to the mud at the Red Sea and bellow a Chimney,
to bed sweeps and rugs, 
the piano sheets lathe,
paint to that is the gnash a Knoll??,
what then is the cow to cattle on the grit??,
clams at muscle to chowder and sand??

Freedom of challenge or the whimper a late,
the decision to be of character is greater than a checker board of watch that bring,
in dust there is particles of space recognition to leaves??,
than in the basic fun^ding did the bowel hints grow to only bugged??,
ouch is technology over green hills,
ship this to News Boards and shepherd the Bill,
as the chorus of lyrics to that verse in a chore,
civilizations have died in less and grown more to a sword!!!!!!!

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