Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Depth Of Composition Is Binder Paper??????

*The 'Full Show: With All Due Respect (10/11/16) - Bloomberg Politics' had three why's Men on their clause to speak,
the fee is the far thor of the Christian Fundamentalist??,
oh down went the feather in the macaroni,
as the Paul a Sea of what is an Offering??,
owe for the tide of money at the policy of staggering in these Bounce to what is a Sunday.

To desk that fees to the rump of coin to the Trial or the Trail of tax is returned,
as popular cadence bends to govern the outline to etch reality on a dimed,
shore to shale that biblical male that policy craned a mile^old to morality now??,
the spanking preach to exorcisms peach,
that knowing of how these preparation religions grain to full bowls of cropping.

Wink should that dial that number of pew Pulling,
than as the flag went??,
what is the Interview should the Mon.knee Belt not shank to those Hobbles of bowling,
the garb of gargling Time in the Ages of how.

Tread for tired Media flight to the Whom is Wares,
shape that to the cloud and internet the waves,
trail of crumbs to financial rein at the paragraph to bread profit's as that is the apron stringing lathe's??,
what ceiling is the breaking sealed to harbor of piers in path to say a return??,
the value of measure to an out wright??

Near that is the All^Tour to eggs and Yoke of call lure's ankle of Plough,
that fielding of round the hardground to plate the disk as see deed??

Jam and pretzels go to branding from and touch what is Hames,
now on the clock of daylight hours minute note,
ask that bean to make a made in and feast with what Turkey on the pasture of wild,
poll lit tick call average in the civilized angles marks October 12th as apropos.

This is the 13th for a baking dose in today the year of 2016,
for those weak ends off to the slice of rest a room,
seen to the normal Media to actual foundation of deed,
gradual leeks bring course to the mass of range and of^Ven??,
lets say that this is of important brass information,
does the word broken down encourage or put to pasture the seed of Revelations on the tell??

*edited to correction from,
The show 'With All Due Respect (10/26/15)' posted at 7:34 AM to
The 'Full Show: With All Due Respect (10/11/16) - Bloomberg Politics at 3:59 PM;
the intended show to mark the post/write above.
time of edit from myself, KAP
published originally at 7:34 AM to corrected specific to date/show/guests done at 4:00 PM,
October 12, 2016 Pacific Standard Time.

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