Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is A Reconstruction Air Uh Hobbled Buy Mouth Or Tack Tile's At A Shingled Cost??

Get the latest news and video from , and join MSNBC Live's community. ... The Last Word · Rachel Maddow · All In · Hardball · Morning Joe · Brian ..... to vice presidential nominee Mike Pence about the current civil war within the GOP. watch ... debate with Donald Trump, saying her plane needed to takeoff from St. Louis so ...

Morning Joe - Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski & Willie Geist on msnbc
Get the latest news and video from Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, and join Morning ...Live. Hardball With Chris Matthews · LIVE - ONLY ONLINE. LIVE: Donald Trump rallies in Florida ...Morning Joe Weekdays at 6AM ... 'This is a gender war,' says Donny Deutsch. info ... Joe: Not the lowest point in political.

Civil war breaks out at the RNC | MSNBC
Jul 18, 2016 - Civil war breaks out at the RNC. Delegates are ...... 'This is a gender war,' says Donny Deutsch. info ... Joe: Not the lowest point in political... info.

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Done Fact or Rote??????

Now that the Media has declared a Civil War in the Political Venue of the most read cent News,
wise is the question to the memory of how does a response immigrate to such clause,
is the value at the interpretation of such vacuum to that boarder of hoses,
is it becoming the lagoon to ghosts in the mache??,
how thus be grains this is to say that it's sleigh of harness at dial a box of vaulted??

Than the horse in an Equestrian pause is field of state of being at what is a rein,
feather hats to polo in a house of congressional benches that orchestrate a symphonic cream,
milking that signal as smoke or the fireworks of where is the lawn,
clover at the feed and oats in the sway would at tarried spake.

Trail of Tiers,
those vowels,
a blank fact to How,
or is it the indigenous find that it is liquefaction as ground,
the Sistine as the Paints,
and then the sides.

Thwarted a Teepee to know of Restrooms or a mow^hawk at represenation of file lean a mass^stir,
is that in example of support enough to venture banks to amber,
is that Flint or flutter a Wit as the Consequence in Tromp??

Dig this in the 1960's and words example,
a swell to that is in addition to the bug,
travel the note worth thee at an apron of curtain,
pull back and better bets make why's the .............(fill in the blank),
it is more appropriate for the public at-large to stomach that honesty as compass sing.

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