Saturday, January 14, 2017

This World has taken death and brought dead nails to average the Seek & Fine`d,
to know of the raise in a Wake is the envelope of letters rake??,
did the shovel of the burn discuss conversation to say shall Lo as the Psalms said to 5,
is didst Art to the Paints of window's and Seat's??

What on the Family of Religion sat,
a Shiva to the Rose,
is banks on the Money a dollar's belt Waving to Good's buy??

Heave this cart??,
it is the Harness of Discipline that joins The Force,
The Blues have not had sufficiency in Matters of The City,
in that I trust the best on The Beat to understand that family has rode to grave,
in yard I measure the depth of know shaped gravity,
pebbles in the posture of family carriage is the Bridle of despair,
might the World know San Francisco via the Pope and religious stunned!!

To be driven from than stooped until as the Mead is in the Ya,
harbor note to the Piers,
as the boats of Ferry with coins to meant??,
wise is the travel that delivered my mother to no tears of regret.

Chisel what on the Stone,
grandparents must roll-over in shore to state of sung.

Preparation from the Horror,
it is the balance of what I stowed,
to platters and plates,
a name and the flake,
the hey.