Thursday, August 13, 2015

*A Philosophical Thought Of Natural Ability

Where do you believe that All of the Knowledge rests when the wisdom to seek-out or define an existence of no traditional explanation has come to be naturally?

A Natural Capability to define Knowledge Itself as the ability to know, without reason.  Sounds like a peaceful design of a thought with structure, not being taught.

To cast-aside the Gift to Know, with an Answer to Question, "The Why," completes itself only in the Mindful Acceptance of what seems to be given Naturally without thinking.

An explanation of a Strange Delivery in the Streaming of Conscious Mind in a Pensive Thought, brings to an end a need to Obtain, only learning would remain. 

Does this "Natural Knowledge" or "Ability to Know without Knowing" deliver a message from Mother Nature on how to explain where I've been, without the damage from then, destroying you yet again.

To Explain to Ones Self, your History of "Not so Nice!" One must delve-into or be patient enough "to know," it will work itself to an end, delivering a proper or a moral appeal for help.

To Come to Be Naturally, would be the result of Grave Deprivation or the Threat to One's actual Life of "Breath in Death."

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