Thursday, August 13, 2015

If You Please

At great expense,
seductive ; alluring,
an affair of honour ; a duel,

According to fashion,
in the Paris manner ; Unawares,
in my opinion vanity,

By chance,
By stealth,
in order to wonderfully, thoroughly,
to the uttermost and you advance messenger.

Children have the bad habits of their parents,
whether willing or not : Patented,
a delicate morsel,
a suite of rooms!!

Official denial between two fires,
children of the family,
from the sublime to the ridiulous is but a step,
in full dress, in a body, according to rule.

Double signification "sweet Idleness",
fundamentally an inn,
superior force ; inevitable fireworks,
a justice of the peace.

Knowing how to live,
knowing how to act,
a curtain raiser,
the Incredible!!

Evil be to Him who Evil thinks,
a furnished Mansion,
Churchmen, Soldiers, Literary People,
Gentlemen, People of Rank,
Guard the Faith,
the game is not Worth the Candle.

Follow Reason!!

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