Thursday, August 13, 2015

My name is Karen Anastasia Placek, I am the author of The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Ton Null Inn Thear Ee`d

In bright to Port that portal of thought be neat the tunnel in the tremble of scotch,
block ice with a chisel lot to grasp that barrel of pickle,
in the briny wash of face to taught is the blanket News to Paper to Spot,
on the idea of the formal treat is trick form in varied national storm,
rain that is no wind shield rather the blistering of the castle of the mind in that torn.

Ripping out the back of the full in thus the bladder is the sink on the corn,
a stomach matter in the cramping of flown to the deathly shallows of slain,
shall the bright touch a clock on the acre of range in trade for the barbed of the fence on a lay,
does the Cow of the gate trample the church or is the respective bull find,
gather prospective is inspection of heard to wrangle the doctor of ole Mother Earth,
slight in difference yet Vast are the scores ask in the wrist it's an Ankle or hand,
that slap on the Rump of the movement of sheep is a Flock or the pound buffalo sounds.

There on the Plains of the Most Hello of A Mountain the shark in the see is Mankind on the bleep,
talkers that scramble the channel of mind with 'This' 'That' even on 'Timed' for return,
quick in the sand is the swamp of apt Land shall the torn be of grates And not of the sand,
blocks of the muddy think is an arm that shoulders the breakage on stay on the Farm.

Alas! the quote is in the Big Sky formal with 5th dimensional Vote,
quest to the long ago on the post find it to dill on James Blunt is a toast,
cheers to the reason Wisdom from tot reading a Sixth pen & running From shot,
James Blunt is a curtain that blinks to his crotch With nothing on sum kind of lots,
but even in clamber the length of a trait Muster is I calling out that found Shade,
in that birth to the sail of words on His site Aye find the teaser it's been in & about.

Old fellow, how would you render that field of wheat?---JOSEPH CONRAD

Time is very interesting. Our lives are made of time. Nobody knows what time is. You go in one direction and you gain time. You go in the other direction and you lose time.  Airplanes now fly so fast that time stands still. A Plane can fly as fast as the earth revolves past the sun.  A baby born in a plane flying in the right direction could theoretically live its whole life of many years without living through one day.  It would have a long birthday.  Its whole life would be its birthday.  Suppose the plane should fly faster.  The baby would be minus an old man.  There is one place in the United States, and there time is different in every direction.  The time belt follows the Snake River.  The river makes an ox-bow bend.  From within the ox-bow you shoot a long-range rifle north, east, south, or west.  The bullet will land almost an hour before it was fired.  The ox-bow is completely surrounded by another time belt.  Time is all anyone has in the world.  It is fluid.  Nobody has ever found a good way of measuring it.

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