Thursday, August 13, 2015

Whats In Your Trunk


August 12th Two-Thousand Fifteen is A Day that The Dollar Bill identified The Steamers,
in a Car Wash on the Locale of locality that bill was Placed in the Drivers door panel for Safe keeping,
as I was on the Bridge to Errands and pleasant to The Chores I scour the mission to A stealing,
straight Up and known to Have bin that broken Tether is a leashed with Collars of groan.

  To be Not of the dish And to Be of Candor I shame The Ewe to have Had such Sufficiency on Blake,
in turmoil of Tips that Information of Trust Now has been Floured to the Ill repute of a Picket`d pence,
the Coin on a Still is the Advance meant To Able the Pharoah to a Scene snatch`d Instead ask Pier a mid.

  I gallop to those Trots as the bathroom and the Fed is Wow presently Across the Parking lot reads,
sew in the dynamics of a Car under Cover is that the Timely station to Pounce the bearings of lap Topped,
to that is the version of Con touch the Classic in Dario this is the Pool Table of a 'Sneak a Lee Stick`d'
On accident Toll price the booth and the Was is Snare to Every enveloping Outer Dunse bossed.

  As Warn to the Hard Tack the Alpha Omega at the Store in the In Vest Mints grate to a Chlorine finnish,
deuce Big el Owe is cracked on the Side Walk to pocket the fisheries to Blake's Oyster Strayed,
fore the Trout Signage of Roseburg Ore gone the I land a Radio it is the Choice to Speak at I.D.,
this simple Knot complex it Tee is using the At Vantage to distant the Orient from the skunk`d.

  Bring to that Plaza this Venue of Burst Sun light to Tunnel Vice and the Poe Lease to Sight,
camera as the blink off an aye YES Urp that is the Gas ration to Pet Trolls of Gate,
Once in that birth Take the Snapper and Trap is a Easy is to MASH & that traces leeks!!

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