Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Birds Of Pair A Dice

The silence of the linking slights of ever dies on brink,
that is the arbor of a store that is shutters for the yard,
in technique of came to go the plains forever is a sleet,
so to the skill disappear I score the work to let us part, 
the seas is ore and the land is mass.

Trainers of the foot and yarn a lace to seam of shirt,
in undone drip the spills and missed I start,
to how is why the being inside for levers to the sleeve let,
a said on doing is the grip for what is light is up for dirt.

To touch the sake off a rake and dig the sweep of quarters,
the cork of boards the slate of black dry erased as torn,
the late of pens dried up no lens as bells rang quiet sail,
the season of a brand of like fenced for reasons wisdom.

Death sings a tune of drums and lung calling plates to license,
drapes of weight the wheat coats trim a coffin on the tithe cents,
across the comfort of a read I little form composure's gourd,
weeds plus ivy leeks soup lanes make duller the blister lug a jug a jug jugged.

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