Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Toy Oat Duh

Art Work the league of Century has dot to dot the awls of Stork.  The cable on the star light gave day, year and a sturdy on the pause.  In with that tap on shoulder gone study, a live on the dance this is the walk of an.  Excitement never really boar the bones of a horn to toot as the gave seals swam the English Channel.

On the written words of sent to carry it be gun to talk the speak at the delivery mile.  Dust came along to the dirty dent of a skull, body and the chalk that I know, I am the trashing slumber of a dead on the living of dead testimony, for wit, to nest, the fax to scummed I just Plateau the simple and the rest is a looking forward to the posture of a language to vista a worm.

The branch of faced has been struck head-on, for that silver setting of rules and beatings I tucked the tape, my eyes inclusive to remind much later on the rein off memory, to blink the tears of a life lived.

Breakfast in America singing lets see substituted damaged bounce to salt the stew of thought from the bottom of the slumber to float the rule of floating lumber.  Rise on the beach of clam and grit said to that particle of grip that the vittles were shipped and a bottle messaged the absolute on a swallowed worm, base Ta key La.

So the thunder died between the lightning strikes and all that sidewalk of the sprite hosed down the spit for the cleaner belts grazing only a heads torque approach of, eyes to eyes etc.!!  Furthermore on the trail of no staples to operation paper clip I venue`d a skit turned milers grave.

Oh for the folded bands that have scribe of sing and tours of worlds to balance the seat of earnest more buy property of the changing depth of moon to landings of tabulations and lens.  Even on that multiplication of quality gone registered bellows the chimney held ot only the climb of post no haste as the written is of the changing types that raise no slammed only the foot on a printers ........ fill it in yourself, for the world is the Oiu stir and the pearl is each facial reduction to the hand holds of fleece.

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