Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Horn Knee Toads

Ancient roads, Elephants and Prose the trigger of the ever rose, the clatter of no thorn to garden of a graded form.  Information on the rack, lambs and gates to goat the stacked, grates with cow shallows to Cattle sheds, throw the Sheep a stick on lead.  Crates or box the Auctioneer, fat the Wool of cause and nears, horses House the slaughters low, of for the necessary of butchers Crow!!

The grocery of the Meet department hens the Rooster like egg dropped Soups.  Cast of truth to character slab, that is the blunt Shape of a knife cutting trimmed.  Pork figures up with chips on the Ox, Buffalo special and lama rice, to that is the scout of guinea pig parks, taste that rat its like alarm on the bunks.

Sleeping with the cluster of Ocean sea, bellow of Salmon salt crispy goods.  Grizzly to have river on the bending hoods, owe well spoke the earth of the wheels off Hell!!

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To hold closely memories of adoring scenes that in the truth of my feeble tongue I am incapable to be creative with a language to compose.  Far in the reach of what does shore a land I put to these formal tears of said the contemplation of life lived through the horror of existence on this planets swing.

To know that these particles of placemats are just ranges of solar operates that have combed a land for the grasp of the universal seer.  Each all of the dust covers to the Milky Ways duvet is a contribution to traveling films, blinking the solid corn to silk threads of invitation.  Sun this Pluto's moon in the arm of Mercury buy rising a Mars as the planes of sounds to not represent nouns or simplicity but to know that it is the bearing of nautical dice.

Game on gift knots here on this planetary skate of Human Beings with only death as their common theme, I gallant a Flush.  The edge of proxy to a card of torn, the human factors that have grown to forget, these are the faces of dread on the TET.  Harps with string along lists, gossip and a disk of tits, pouring the nude of throttle by rudes.  Text by test narrows, key numbers the clique to clashing clips of the magazine, the satellite is the mufflers shop, settled by ports of purchase, take the Scope.