Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Frog's On The Horses Hoof

Within the strokes of my sight to a straddle stream in the explanation of computers to storm earth.  This is no the vast nor knot to gargle the thumpers of a rabbits wheel.  Take it as the stew of eyeballs soup. Put in that skull stitch to the stem of counter calling feat to mined minced aspect on the scortch of religions footrail to spoof the keep.  At the lair in the dungeon of my stair is not a banister for the steep of Mankinds rails of disappointment towards Ancient lines of charter Shipping knew.  The minor factor of this earth and the continual bashing of the steady at the prose as in station proven the computation of the monitors on the squeeze ; fork court 1984.  Rats and Mice in the snap off the phone Wire horror tripping barefoot scrubs to mission of the Hotels on single occupancy to Fronts.

War is the simple dial of whom is in the Speak vs the easy riders on a joke of a cork to Scotch the Ice Bucket as needing ice for the glass on the Rocks.  Reality neets the stile to show that the goods in the barrel of Rum is whiskey for the strong language of building ports of call to harbors that cliff the notations with shovels introduction as the invitation of ole glory.  Approach the laptop cellular phone to teak, its a curl of a warp speed that ranges no remote as people grope the dids.

Truss of Ceiling a count Tea mile the place-set,
be form of Computers Mind based on brow connect,
should the Windows eyes in blink Trim a Valence,
as the breadth wills Thin stint to glass is,
trunk Troops treed to route,
body foot and born side stone!!

Snapper traipse thus Rivers blood Creek bones,
asking limbs Tick,
mudslides Pulse the Rein!!

Resistance is electrical grounds the turf of copper Lens,
metals break the drill to Earth forcing Minds touch lace,
sewn to Vains of gold in Caved,
the Coffee on the thought of Spoon!!

Stood straight Up its Rich to Understood,
the bounty of the claim,
'The Ring!!'

What a corker of sham panes to bring a score to cup pulled.  Drink one for the gripper and the a ton for the skeet.  As in embracing the sands of chorale the rough waters are trued salt to the lip of that mouth of rash.  There on the tongues muscle the stream is no stutter of rice in beans of fax, this day of text per text gasp is the cats gut on harp ping.  

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