Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pane this Blunt Talk

I have scored fudge to the slips of time on a prowess that set the suns lock to both carriage and course.  Be a cheek to bear the slain lives on doors of swung by the congregations members that would not remove themselves from my mothers home.  Marge Damir, Louise Rodgers, Royce Paddocks like, those drains of boots that drank my mother dry, I start you to a timber of Mary Moseley once on her lather of arise.  For it was her mothers home back East that my mother and I were kidnapped out of back in the scar days, leaving an in^dell^a^bull act to century of talking.  I do silence your backs to a specific noise, Marge you refused to leave my mothers home.  My mother begged you on many more occasions that I care to remind anyone of to go home and take charge of your own home and children.  Your down right refusals came with excuses, you would vacuum and clean like a banshee loose on a Siren's machine of wash, the tend, to suck the valve.  This is not a drinking festival it is a better, its the leader boards palace of a google bloggers rinse.  Time for the Dry Cleaner to announce the arid soaked graining that those congregation clappers ramped to the steady drowning of their etch of dirty socks sound ehoes ilk.

Broad doors to talent the language as whom is blunt to blunt talk but the new caliber on the paid television on Blunt Talk but Captain Picard : Owe for the parody!!

So for the brain less wonder there is my life the face of recognition to strange worth on works that I have writ.  Yet some of the intermediaries have been on connection of a sump shunned because of certain in alien a bull facts stating that L. Ron Hubbard was known to me, to clarify the date of introduction on that particular formal interest, it happened in the Year of 1984 or there abouts. This is to specifically clarify that there was not nor would have have been any connect to some present bled connect to any scurried floor editing floor of the movies, however that obviously changed in core anchors.  On that state mint I had waited for the documentary to vocalize that streamer of a train to make sure that I provided a hand to those brought up in and on a cult method of operation : Essentially the separation of Church verses state of Reviewed!!

On those heels of drug I harness know horse to Yelp the part off, no Actor, as that is a chest of scribble on already lived lives in the script of 'cut', 'clip', 'do it again' because you didn't manage to film the expression or text correct for the formalizing of that scene, i.e. Hollywoods Boulevard of ...whatevers.

Well, in real life it is a Live performance all ways, and that is a gamers Game to be of a dark hour or the bulb for those trapped in the snare of a grains sand that sharked the shores of the brain via tanked.  Goldfish is a practical ......

To those kids of Marge Damir mark this number still as you only ventured one sided in the story of why your mother spent spank hours at our home.  Regard the course of this menu to know that anger is not fury, fury is not time, time is not measured, but measure is the ruler of this verse!!  I Talk.

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