Sunday, August 23, 2015

"The Impossible Is the Possible just Waiting to Happen!!"


A heavy regime of time and tour has brought the walking to sew much that a body seems cent,
the foot to a dollar the Neck to a Tapped that arm with a quarter on the Nickel spent belts,
a bag with a tipper Turns in twice zipped,
a tire on the shoes of that lace On deck.

Put forward to that is the eventual on the Curb bits and Clues with staple bought dans,
horror of the switch to that speak on the east Turned Up goes a tongue with Yoke hames a Stroked,
in cobble tile the Skull muller of shoulder duct to ban Ages lore`ing,
tin bones lumbering Hips hopps at the Fletch the Wheat in the Tax`d.

Spreading Fire spanking choir Symphonic or Gasms that rust the Water lust,
the Cuff of the law year to dock Cue meant a brushed,
painting is the While snow of beds that Caught the Thrice`d!!

Is the World sewn to threads and Nails that hemming Stay of tiers,
Piled in the Wed ding Cakes that Weak of cal In deer,
for the frock is dusty the jackets all in Steer cat Toll to that Wetter habit.

Skip Ping Stones on frail Tones a sing of the Blue Jay on My shoulder,
boulders are the rocks A Prison of more than the Method from the Boozed,
in 50's counter a rest Stop plugged that Upping of the sexual,
preference in the 1800's went 1200 in a BC at the ad of that performance of a Marriage to a Hunter,
in Treaty of the Wars on lens Off to that Front with a Stick and a Plates,
yet as the Modern Society kneaded Un in Ploy`d the staff In crease winked to Pleats ; a 'Morrow!!

Hello!! the cot Tin ramped to day the Decade of the In jury with the 60's Whelping Nam,
at that the Haight did LIVE it Dubbed for that Since brought done Jaws,
shark Think tank to Trough of Flew that Chimney of the Cop per Route of Course the loft did supper.

Dinner Out is just the Read to rob Bert on that theater Traditions,
film the scope of blinking Eyes the Valence of the Eyes Wide Shut to Tack the cruise a Living,
round about the Fountains tout to super Charge the edge of To 'morrow on that Mission,
that is the Truth with no the Flute as any Piper can Suit in lot of the Holly would do dent.

A Thigh for the Chicken a bone from the Henge the Tether on the Mountain for the Livery friend,
stable on that is the Valley of the Moo where all do Know the grassy of the stall,
Clover on the Milk King that Movie House be feather Inking up the Closet to sweetest Treasures Honey,
this is the Sugar an Hour of the Cream spooning to the grinding of Coffee in the lunch`d,
oh cell phone of the Screen to long dead from the Theme a batter to the Script a remainder of the Take,
but that is just the Map Other of ANY atlas knew for on that Sigh In tall Oh gee its History before the After Syn Stir`d.

That is to Communicate that 1984 talked a Clear,
the S&P a perfect Spear to rabbit on the lets,
as US be All sew to that state Of whom Wore aye Robot tear Was the tremble back Wards,
owe Yes.

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