Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Tale of A Story Halls

I store the form to storage as the blocks to corner stores have had the rabbits foot on-sale with the candy bars from my youth on 10th & Cabrillo!! Round the cents to purchase of the allowance that afforded me the bye cycle as a tin^speed ran today.  Present and accounted shore, the sands of mention have had a gravity to know that people shell.  Clam to bite the bit in champagne bottles of swing the strong making pearling a string.  Threads daisy chain the 60's to pronunciation of gated commerce or the bus of touring that machine of bread & circuses!!

Cricket hums a Tutor' home whistling in the rein of harnessed by the cobbled feat an apron string : A languages loan on the tongue to a yoke of hames.  Appropriate factor to a Bill O'Reilly and the snatch of grabbed I shed the ghoul for ghostly memories, on this I state its salads.  The garden of the plum to the dirt that rubbed the place to say a basement song made diction fore the POE leased.  To supply the dictionary for 'POE' it equals 'Port of Entry' on the enter net of said stalk.

Sourdough bubbles on 10th & Geary, the Boulevard scratched Lombards address to drive Van Ness and simply pole 'The Jack Tar' by Scene.  Take a walk on the wild sides of Golden Gate parkers and bring to the lass a beautiful island to breach the harbors that ocean the jerking beef.  May the solution become a letter to not bounce the still swamp but bring the impossible into the reality of my quote from years ago.

Treasure this small encounters stream to cry no tiers to age in times that reserved the wine as a glass tempo of a barrel.  The pickles of Vlasic match the score that glaciers are melting to grant new shores a better bedlam.  From the fifth of November to a horizon in August may September be the month of a favorite song on the sooth.

With all the warmth of years on the shedding cheeks of smiles to mile the louds away, it was truth silence on the fax of palm : no hand to hold the tears for mi!!  Bring no lather with shoulders of better nights that see that starters have lights to sea the oceans blue!!

Speak with dignified trust to ceiling of the past in dark hours of memorized review, at the minute timer measures a bell to know that leases of life is a body on the tray ; oh for the played.

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