Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Motion Of Easy Ryders

The frosts cover of the snowflakes smile on the wealth of my memorized berth,
to this harbor of a pier humanity has dissolved kindness for wrath.  

The blatant lather,
to rat turned laps,
on top the brains of frigid grasp, 
the mist of dust wafers,
 crust oh,
earth wise to a nut.

Spirals of the chastity that has lost the valence, 
I spook the stride to know, 
that is the innocent that have traveled phones, 
upon the billion burst,
of energy while on the shirt,
by form in standard strides of learns.

Belief has drained the humans signed to nothing fresh,
the air does pine.  

A Mannequin dressed,
windows style, 
that long in heel a stations pile, 
kites to fly the barrel.

Sell a vat for pots of lack, 
fill the shank with chains,
on rise to rinse,
the washers bolt,
 to screw down miseries veins,
the spend with misers shin.

Sheep the stock ruffle wool,
be of grape and vine a bowl,
shape the mold to Mills be fold,
at broth of sleigh say hay Hey,
striking starch with bleach apart to burn that stretch imagined.

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