Sunday, August 30, 2015

When Batteries Ate Energy Like Humans Ate Gossip

The rise of ones wist to the temper of the world is the deed of marrows receipt,
a task to terror in the shallows of sail to say that trays are the shadows of taunt,
in facial pleasure to that recognition of hand,
the touch then speak a talk on to stand,
be station tell course that standards are Tram,
tooled to be of a best explanative.

Sheered shepherds the husky voice or a deep said quotes went Ram,
ducks of flock to fly across the formation V making ready,
no circle for the structure as a 1100 lives on the Wall,
court of counting that rifle bead lunged to fire at the squats,
one at a time the grill smiled long but the V of formation grew gone.

The charts of the seasons that used spring Summer fall fell to a core,
the flocks that once filled the Swans eye in a goose understanding died,
that pheasant spread no wings the list was a bring,
each Parrot rote scrub and the beaks and nails just jugged,
the forest of given the earth with a gift dried up all in a single one night.

True to that was the silence that roared,
unlike the singing of hooves that ton of clocks softly covering background shores,
people screamed yelled and creamed one another to eating the ready worn meal.

Ripping platters that ending up being lives,
peoples societies baked heads on the pans,
served it with salt and peppered the flesh,
just as if it were the animals they killed.

It was nor cattle nor chicken nor pork nor turkey,
nor was it wild abundance from the cactus of barrel,
nor was the drink of milk nor honey,
it was blood red like the vein of the beds that they drained.

The bodies had skin that had been peeled for chips,
fried up in dry oils to crispy the sipped,
roasts were on thighs and heads were left whole,
for the delicacy was the inside of the pour,
brains a ear folk went bananas on that spooning the liquid like opening latch,
they slid it down on their tongues to door throat,
words became lumber and then it went sword.

I could swear in the street that belief said no way,
but just at the mow mint the crowds did that take,
swerving into the loud like the swarming of fish,
the krill of the cod and the whales were shill.

One would have thought that the minds might have been Firm,
it turned out that the batteries from cell phones did burn,
right through the skulls into the tissue,
what was the remainder was stubbed ends of inertia,
the burnt tips of where one thought Thought would spark light,
just dead ended like an alley loaded dumpsters with ripes,
the rot opened air to the smell of a shop but the scare was that it was a person on lopped,
the ooze of the matter spilled out like walnuts had been cracked and then chopped,
the entire ordeal was a grocery flop.,
it all scene`d surreal until the day it reined peel.

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