Thursday, January 28, 2016

Load Lens See Young The Defining Hymn To Know Bill Plante On The Nines!!

Finally a stage to discussion of the Suits,
a sing to the touch of the curl by the way,
is the Wind on the chorus to cents from a paved??,
docket the Pair formula to Fresh Air as the crave.

Bounce with the grid Work standard to the Fence,
what is a Hardhat but for the Irons lens??,
is the Super glue Commercial a tent to bean a Mills??,
or is the free Lib lance to say that Elevators rib!!

Swagger of the Pirate is a Plank to swab the Floor,
waist is the sponge with that Cuff to lynx go sew,
threads of Great IMport Talk the Teak on grown??,
Yep said the ankle as the Socks of Hiss stir Throw'd!!

Built buy Design what is the Undercover of the Arm pits bother Lame,
limp a long and song with chap Tours to comprehend the Stag,
Ant lure Sea sun Glasses of the Mirror,
what are the Cools above to run the Tickets purse??.

Is the Hell yun to Yin the bun as the Yang on pew,
skunks and Paints the Peacock dance what is velour for Roo's,
that pocket Pole of rice is staff Why is the chain Not shawl,
as the Clock Room discovers Wince is Wink ken by divide??.

What is a Slot Machine on the Wash in Dry,
the Cleaner of the Iron A Nears??,
does the Spike that sloat the Lombard Guard in Whats a hat,
for in know the Chlorine but Whom would say to Court??.

On the build of delivery the Scatter is not shown,
for cold it is in Washing ton as Whether is a Ball??,
the lawn the Green the Construct bone to Show the Classic Lathe,
for in the Music of the Sneak is brass to All those plates!!

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