Thursday, January 28, 2016

Then (or 'than' I am never really sure) the branch of Sensibility ran to the Tombs as that Fluttering scrabble bumble Be'd the jogs,
knockers on the stoop to look Up a the logs,
round to the thirst as the needle threaded bods,
computation lather with the Actual is hard school to Weather Storms,
rinse the Tack??,
Wash the Tims??,
sake the glycerin with a Thump of berth.

So bang that Screw and bolt to lift and on the Rise go stiff`T,
smoke in on the course of Media is the National broad Casting logged,
drains and gut Tours to ample light??,
or is it in that easy speak BDSM on The @ peek??

Travel the dirt track and the show will see,
that Mirror Sunglasses do not glaze Nor burn the knows on When,
as that is just the cools of google to Tag the Line a day,
what is the conversation of the pay lit a coal display`d??,
must be that seize sure of the ankles grasp to crutch,
in with  the staff Ford land to gear the bank a pier??,
or is it just as simple as saying is a clue,
get the Flour or is it scoop to shake the blend a deer!!

Deep Fried Cal. less the rib On Overt??,
dish to cheek the Kiss of spooned while answering Stew bread soup.

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