Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who Writes The Brad To Testify The SKORK As The In Put Went Strung Like A Lyre From . . . . ???

Sew shall eh chute Tour have said that the Smoke Inn strum guitars a Music that the roof would Piel,
than the Computer would Machine to that Dry said on the Show??,
NO the beamer Would define the Blow to that Wii Sole that trek K`t`duh the bed.

These balm Mirror's Ranked as the Elevator Stride,
than to the Business of the Whys of the drum.

Speak on the Once an the Score warped dee Tail,
a pull lead to dismiss that Slam the deep Railed,
'round to that Fount tin to Obvious the File,
like the Post Office did the Watt on Lo Cal.!!??.


Slow is the boil To skate the Deep stile,
's'pea Key kneeing with Won teak While Oh ill EAN the bale,
steven than bunch the Has Coal of bridge,
over the Toll and Berth on the Did.

Hour that Cork House and busy the Keel,
harvest a Crop at the yield of Pay ole,
rinse the Soap like Pi lot Spit stale,
drink Mi for Roads and kick dure Tee of Dews!!

Wet lip to save V read the More sole with Text,
even that screen makes Perks on the bench!!,
chorus this Hymn to the psalter gone bone,
a Took is the language remember That bong!!

Ping Ping Ping Ping pong Pad Dull due Troop,
find on the gather the collection of deck,
the lingo of Traveling the Pant a long Bliss??,
can't do the Chains Win the Shake is the Feed.

Transfer to Chapter of the book letters Leap,
words on the page saying just what a Plate,
tried the duper And raised to the Sipped,
down with the Fin GER to Up Tunk the trunk.

Thanks for the Great Full 'Thanks' for the Boo Opp,
'cause in this Gone Fountain the Water released,
between on the Peel the Sun burned Said steep,
the Mitt is for Special on the Tape Wrap for tease.

Signed Wit love,
mew ole.

Pea 'S',
the bark curr said Coal`T.

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