Friday, January 29, 2016

Ray Dee Owe Theses May Towel It Ka Buds All While The Blues Are City Time Duds???

True bee News of Staged Pay^Len to the Speech of the Scope of the Suit Itself,
mirrors on the Phones to text the bones as the Soup per Sun day on the dates of Figures,
so self ankle that blinds the Play to touch Down on the Ups in the text Screen to eyes!!,
these Ease E! brakes to Burn Kneeing Rub Burr is the Goal posts??,
what say that Stay dee Umm to the bisque??,
stew Toe mate toes to Keep pers and Cheek??

Pigeon dial the Office and that scrabble joint,
Bill Maher is not a Contend door His Hymn is For joke??,
chance that to the In throw than the Mumps grows to swell??,
digs to the Cools of the 1960's back in the day.

Spell it Crossword Work it Tight end and Foot ball is Pong on the Application??,
no its just Gam bull Lean to the thighs on the chicken Wings??,
what is Aye owe Awe should Potatoes know Suds.,
sum steam of rinse with the Mills and the Corn??,
or is it the Field dead on the Ref or Reeds??,
flutes & Violins??,
rosin for glycerin on clear Tack call for Clean??,
or could the It be that Hot dig it Tee dog on the Skip to Mi loo??,
what is the Yore In Knoll beef Cake and Pi??,

Board chains and Envelopes what is a Punting down over the Can knew to Bet stings on Plurals??,
in Side dure In form May shun??,
the conversation of the Dish??,
a Sew fa or is it Now spelt couch on the Net,
far & a Way that demonstrates the Games as broke halt Main Tame while the Rest Room tusks??.

Formidable answer to the lear A cists Pew pull,
sliders with raw Clams and a muscle Chaise Ore,
put this to that short on the dew Ole of Jam,
stick Key and Pup Pet with the Which of the Crews??,
is it the Loc, or room Of off Ten or In crease of the Hem,
putting to Stitches the seams of the Sock curr that makes Cleaners dry Sweep??,
or as the Push poled and the Cheese said smiles,
grin is the Mass Tore that flags for the gym.

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