Friday, January 29, 2016

What is a Film as the Talk key Went to the Times??,
a mull Tee pull or the Tea leaves on the Cup & Sauce Sir??,
is that avenue of ship Ping News on the National Media for the Cheers!??,
well in the depth of the dee Part meant is It a Glove box??,
shall the Driver of the Mind in shifts Go to that Mow Nap pole Lee,
what is the Press say dent with a bit of taste and Rein??,
a bitter SWEET!!??!!.

That is the Old time^Mi chocolate Bar for the Baking Sew duh,
it is as Nice as the Teepee said to the Creek,
river touching the Craft which of Sand dials and Skeet??,
more's on the Bench of anchor and Chance??

Games took Warners 'Turner Broadcasting System' to the Nines!!,
at that is the Cinema of the fashion Able as post stir chords??,
math eh Mat a call is what is to Left feat.

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