Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Face Book?? To State Of Took?? From My Space To Your Choice?? Or Is It So Ease E! That It Names The #??

What 'Type' Commercial is Currently Move EAN on This Ad??,
for the clam on the muscle for the tongue of the language is Strange??,
weird to lock is Off the awe Tsk tick??,
or is those kelp finds on the glory US google plus X plain??.

What Say You!!

For shore this is a Knoll ledge Report for the lakers on Over times of Park roads Ad virtue,
the state of Theater to the Arrow bush Ole is Balers??,
that twine is Nigh the Wire on the Tap tap Morse of chalk A let CHIPs,
therefore buy the way thee Map other is a chart to lets see the guard,
that simply is the Fact that My Mother ran an Event,
Polo in the Park in San Francisco, California through the Haight to prosperity and a Clear day,
it is the Smalls on the Arms whisper that Puts to the Plates of the Cheese.

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