Friday, January 29, 2016

What Is A Pointer Win Sum Kind Of Sub. Is Sub^Limb^In^Knoll??

The Wonder of thee guise this AM is a fun^Knee to the Radio on TOK AC Crow NiMH,
for the Avenue of Station is 910 At the channel Nouns Named Of Owe k^K^s^F,
thus the Transfer of the Opt. Shin to the Lid & A Blink!!

Back in the day the Message core brought to the Boards a decision Persons,
the Old saying that Nine ^OUT^ of The Tin from the Due Tee on the 10th Degree to A graeae,
In form With stand The Must counter the Objection basing the drawing of straws!!??,
in this the Necessity Trues the balance of the Hi beams to bring In label Touching the Seal ole,
bark and Pap rust to Iron duck Nail.

Hammer Of course the Whisper of tsk Whom wills to the Trust of the Off ten of Hist??,
stirring the pot??,
rinsing Wic soap??,
treasure to dare??,
cents on the bare??,
role of a bank??,
Must Tard of Fate??

Ask the fountain is the Water foundation or the Swells constant lei??,
does the Wave hit the Shores or In the Continue sea to a Prose??,
is the Tie Dull a Method or Operation paper Clip to cuffs And the Shirt sleeve of Lens??,
if Hide is a Keep and Blind is A Lair than done gin is Neet to Straight Up on clique??.

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