Thursday, February 11, 2016

Battle Creek Michigan!!!!!!

Is dew on the mount~Tin an in cape a bull to the medley of distant Found,
called a Hard where's Store??,
the Fill Tour is a gasp??,
the Lead is a Concert to Drains or The Drink??,
should the firing Stun say arm More Hot . . . . ??,
or should the Toon state Ace is a Gore done deal??

Cause and lawn to the speak??,
Wares of the Weight??,
truth on the direction of the Dryer Method of a Ma Sheen??,
who is E! meal e! Owe . . . . ??

Dust 'Ten' Hoff^brows??,
the roast Turn^key,
an Operate Shin to Knows??,
the Wink on a Chose.

Hugh a Pear^Rent??,
much to the babble yet the Yard did receipt a water EAN thorough From the tub know drought!!,
soak In sync??,
valley of the Moons gave Pause to Kits??,
Amway is a Pier a mid Scheme??,
what than is the Still of the Knight??

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