Thursday, February 11, 2016

Say All^Live^Ore!!!

As my favorite come^mead^dee^an is on the Tide Ole of aitch bee Oh! whats a Noun at per inflection,
is the cent of the message on the Movie broad Way to discuss Con Voy*year minus an elbow obvious??,
is the spinning Wheel on threads to Fee burr that UN spoke In to Brass drum Means Loud??,
the Thee Ate Tour is of Interestingly curious to this Tip a Coal Theme.

The Pod once the Invasion of the Body Snatchers had a Very Identifiable Clear lead,
hand Held mouth Owe pen and that In Very e! Bowl sku to bring Cereal a board Walk,
as the Flint Stones on the Granite is Mar Burl to string than Watts is a Kite to strung on the Brights??,
put Forth to the In^Vase^Shin a Glass tin Pole to shatter the Pulp Fiction on Glamour Wares,
is the Cafe a tablet to seat A New screw,
bolts on the branches and a Years dance to Spear it shall as Footprint is ever last sting to Reruns or On mute.

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