Thursday, February 11, 2016

What Is Why The Vicinity Is Clear??

The spread Ding shows on the National view Radio is of the Score to be of Comp. Row^Hinge^Shin,
to put to the vernacular a truth,
to state bye state bring to the letters cent,
a subject of reality matters,
the Men in Cages of Keystone!!

Hard sigh to that Parade on the Photographs that are of no lease,
actual events??,
it is the pow were point??,
it remains to be the IM^Pact.

Bring Hi Score to that Tintinnabular as the Bell View??,
is the distant shore of near that Tear so different to Scope??,
Wars on this Worlds duh Nomination is so Difficult??,
is the double Ewe double Ewe to that Pattern of no Lens??.

Should the Sheeps wool of Sweater Nigh lawn not Not corp. a role to the Vat??,
distinct Purchase broke In down bye Feather mugs to Residual said a Meant??,
one spoke at the Wheel Wright for I know of only Two Working Trues that Actual level.

Yet What is That of the Speak keen to Harness a Plow on the field of Thorough at Scene,
is the machine of a Hand Dell??,
is the shirt of Known??,
is diction a Vernacular of a Mail dot aye to comprehension of a buggy??,
is Carriage of the Horse be For the cart??,
should the Tell be E! see??,
is a grip to the Reins as that Safety Importance is Previous to proper as a Pre^US??,
the short Verb to the Long Vowel is on a Political mow Terror of britches at Preakness' Sheet,
flutter the fester Flubber EAN  rears With lit HoarseMen and thrust the News.

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