Friday, February 12, 2016

Watch This Turtle Neck Its The Honor And The Not The Trees

ON 'Real Time' Bill Maher said that a Family In Kansas has been taken down,
the fact that the Family wanted to move to Colorado to stay within the parameters of this Countries laws,
for that effort to be of the Legal it Tee I put to the State by State the Hoods of Obvious stern.

AS in the Daisy Parades to thase Years of Hanging pictures??,
or is it the Reality that a Family has gone to The Can??,
should this Country bravo this Operation the Fact tore RIP,
it is the Container of the Lid on a Crown Kneeing to the Fleece Scene,
as that is the Core on Veterans Ad Men a Struggle I place Posture to Shoulders of the Pax.

Watch Ching Ching the Move Ease from Plan it to Plan It this Country has grown to Imprisonment of Guise??,
that is the Cork on the Popper of Great X Port to execute the Happening to done.

Shovel the barrel stamp the grains as Wine is the 'V' know for Build Dings and Wags,
no shall the people dress a Nan a Musk as that is the Rid a Cue Ole to not Hope but say slot,
so on the dust of the jack Its more Owl la Tee it is the Finally of Believing that good things Happen to . . . . whom??,
the sync next store Ledger is the Radio on Commend,
place to the Turn Key and the Country has Plausible deniability??,
no it has Bill O'Rielly by the Short Hares,
these are which Hunts to East Stir egg`d at the scramble of the CB to Fee^lean of Stand!!

Bring that Purchase to Purpose and at that Strain of Trade choose to choice be littles,
as the string to the strung Out is this Country on the Law of much more than a Horns Road,
is the Green Clove in the Ice spill of act chew all on the toe back oh for Reason and Type.