Wednesday, February 3, 2016


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the understanding of sew much came from the centuries on a large Tremendous of comprehension,
as the SID night Radio has mentioned the raise of Wares it scenes a concern to those Naturals,
the bearing of Carrot Juice to My Mothers Aunt tee Went to the File as not being lacks.

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the skull and that Hippo craft to the Oath of bringing more than take a still,
the movement of consistency is the 1000's of years on the Compasses that purr love,
it is the Missing Link.

Aye urn seems to be the People on dates but what truth does a Figurine price to statute??,
is it threads??,
need dulls??,
X Pier E! Hints??,
'X' peer A Mints??,
words on the spice of flavor 'Salt shore Pepper Or eat'??

To the Tooth!!

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