Friday, May 13, 2016

Did The Hoe^Ohm^Less Man Have Cause Or Did That File Just Go Cab^In^Net To Be On The View ON The Sat^Tired To Venture An A^Corns Tiled 'Cause Its Been More Than Three Days: In_The _Ground????

Knot a perk to this Coffee on AM tell a Vista of the Cal.^list of grubs to say a Song,
where in the whirled did the Core^a^Nor due^tea that shop of horror Is on that dirty Jobs of realize,
more is code decks that stage to a chamber Pot touching the Maher a Wanna??,
Well this Ross stir!!!

Now that the City of San Francisco is half^Ven. a City Haul Trailer to that What is a Profile_Lean,
the Wonder Bread Tween^Key Deep Fence,
those raised Question,
to that resume,
than the Honest and that due Tee is to Each Persons Fleece_Sing??

Snails on the trail_lure to Loot the back to Basics??
or is it bed_lamb on the core^duh mudders??,
try On or is it Van_a_Tea so lawn ago that Home less the body Is Cry??

Owl lead Cutters that quarry to the Misery of Chicken Soup book_Keens??,
as that is the lawn mow_were's on that Pane of Watts in L.A.??

Scene IT??
should the dot_Com be of Trades to Con_V _EAN_Yents??

Fire Sir or is it hour of the Core^Pour^Rate^Shins to Shun^Kneeing??,
pale the Wad^Dure to A^Tent^Shin for the For^Warred buy Mistake^kin^Aye^Dent^duh^Tee??,
that deck cut to shuffle^lean on the Fifty to Pick_Up??
dial which craft Number to the Hun^dreads??,
while the Ton^Knoll barked Rein bare^rolls to coo^OP^per^rate^shinned Snow^den??

Trip on that jury of cast & blank the Blinders to Harness a Pay_phones Sell^Fawn^Nic.'s pare a Diced??,
for on the reality of put the bet Feather to Who put the Man in the Grave yard and Whom wrote the epitaph??,
Wares of bury^ole Winked the Op^pour^Tune^it^Tee and This Nations gossip Hounds ran eh Gallop Poles sheet.

Did those starving supposed Id^dee^oughts raise Mon. Knee for the few^Nor^role??,
oh weight the bowel lents went to that shift on enter National 'Five Men^Its" of fame!!!

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