Friday, May 13, 2016

What Is In You're At Tick That Is Able And A Talk_Key While Whirl_Olds Shaked Prove??

So heavy the loads to dance a bang on the Wall just before the walk to the woulds of Wares,
as the letterhead is lo goes and that seems a stance what is the trust stem of spy knoll flew Id,
a dark hour monies belt on the Trunk of a Cars deep thought to the actual in chalk,
as the outlets one day are the fry steady egg,
than on the plates Shingle and stake.

Ware be gone Goods,
this is the stead deed of whom is Tomorrow the butter and Pie,
slice to that thimble and Needle till Thread,
spool to the Wool and the elephant gone poof,
just as the Fee lean gets to a stream that River just says that its weird to the Walk!!

Up to the slow down to Toadstool,
napkin number and a bar subtle shall be said to that one dure of more than just did,
it is the fast and the fury E!_US in the gossip be logged.

Never envelope in wrest to the Swans,
as singing to stomping the slamming done jogged,
jig on the rift main_knee_Yaw and whom is the spell,
a cent tents with Rafters and an ear to the skill??,
no its those guilty quad liters that first are for most,
than on the real eyes are spilling a ghost.

To switch gear with cycle and leave on garbage,
what is the lid on the side of the give duh,
a charge for eclectic and Email blog,
those mouths have used language that certains a pod.

Move ease with speak cheesed to Wine and a Glass,
up close and personal to thrifty ice Cream,
just a big strip per that copy clause pause,
than on a rigger the bankers shrink dice.

Why Yoyo to skeet on the Seed did that plainly stunned rather to shot in the Moat,
punting is slowly that shallow but lake,
cobblestone barn and an officers wrote,
care folk be dar lean and in real eyes its snip,
pet trolls and know that the bridge is a tipped.

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