Friday, June 24, 2016

A Picture Of The Red Light To Know That Minute Once A Pull Made Halt A Stop!!!

Count on your hand,
Five Fingers,
or is it the rule of thumb that must rule in a measure??,
for I it is as simple as saying natural born blondes,
now know this,
how many platinum blondes live in San Francisco, California??

Should I say that owe Well,
for I knew a Man with Big Cats,
and that had a particular tell on the avenue Shell,
the grit in a Clam is the Muscle that I swam to your door,
and you are the meant to be a doors path way to the Fire??,
which is it your bearing in the threshold or the phone call on the wringer that this presents shift??

Just another boring day or the preparation of why a person like I would stop to say in.knee thing at All,
is it the few years ago of your presump`T of the sync on my life to just toss my words out,
is it the a.sump.shun that makes your 'take care' your feel good on your gear??,
is it the sake vs the facing of a Tiers trail,
is it the impossible that is waited for the possible to happen??,
now that it did shall I conversation the guise to just drive bye sill??,
does my car say a beamer??,
did the drive Mark to a Noun or the Name Means of Sir??

Fit this to your working it out,
sing with the Blunt till that see.deed is your sell.a.fane wrapper,
and that is just a role.lure on the zig of this zag ask whom,
the awl??

Or is it that your House has a light,
is it read today??,
is the Flag on the say to an American,
than what is have staff on the waving of the air??,
is it the Wind or the Storm??

Should just One Per.Sun have been Mankind on Humanity,
should just one person asked,
why are you speaking or are you talking through the great fear of fright itself because of your tum,
is the belly in your gut so lost that a single person is vomit to your bye.ole,
not a word of thanks for the share,
or is it the lyrics to add 'if'??

What and Wise is the Animal Kingdom to Love,
the Turkey on Paradise Road that loves it when I slow to say Hello,
that Turkey has more interest in me that real people have in the day of just a second,
everybody has to go,
nobody has time and yet everybody wants the dough,
well thank goodness a the Fawn on my hill just this morning,
both of us watched that deer just below eating the carrots that I had put for the vitamin mineral,
that deer trusts this little pause for that deer and her fawn visit often,
in fact I wonder about the deer whom birthed out right there last season,
making remember the other doe that gave berth to another fawn last spring,
so wonderful Mother Nature has been to my loneliness coast,
making a day the important fashion of more than a drag.

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