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First Draft of my great plan to stay alive, BREATHE & NOT DIE!!

Should the understanding follow an order than the purpose for all of this bother on my part is create a *purchase.  As the World has begun to toss and than churn it is the cream that milk becomes Vinegar and the Oil is sap.  At that is the logic of a stand on my finance returns to whom gave bearing to my life.  In Honor and for duty to life itself my plan follows a certain an old school scribe.  The additive of the Catholic and or Communion oriented venue's have put to their drink and eat a type of smack.  The scent of such has in long past made immediate to their nose whom in a town or township the evident of whom would or would not be determined possessed by the devil or whatever the providence to their subjection to the community happens to be at the Time in Ages.  As the scent of communion that is always done behind the Vatican and the like of such organizations the passing of some people and the recognition of others as Pagans becomes today as more self_evident to the common genre of persons to accompany this correspondence I will write.

Mineral Oil on the plan of its basis of scent to the body fluids makes our country able to continue to move as a whole.  Fear as known emits an odor as sharks are drawn by example to the ability to swim through a crowd striking what seems random but ends up showing some sort of file to this as a proof for you to study.  What I am putting to license is the bowel movements of our society.  When our intake is from so many cultures the smell alone causes easy identification from persons that are trying to sheer us of our life's breath.  (this maybe coming out a bit choppy)  The idea that everyone can ingest a common fountain makes our society stand as a whole while still being able to not just enjoy their culture of food but also abides by most if not all religious foundations of intake as acceptable, i.e. kosher.

Now the template of my finances in earning goes to support the Police and Fire Departments as I have stated implicitly in specific foundation to the Officer at the Golden Gate Police Mounted Unit.  Should this plan not be in absolute be approved by him than this is a wash in the exact moment of my falling both deaf and dumb to any and all world events in regards to any ability that no longer needs to be proved with my horrible curse of being able to understand events before them happening.  Do not be mistaken as that Officer has a retired Chief, Greg Suhr for direct and non-threatening influence from ANY department to make the best choice coming down the pike of this eventual bearing of money, coin, dollars and change.

Back to my idea as the roll out of safety to our Country counts on the reliance of the Police, Sheriff and Fire Departments as our Founding Fathers did put to the States a basic set-up of basic service to protect both our people and our Country.  To that it is imperative you understand that my children and I and whom I do owe particular limited accounts to are not in desire of just swallowing up a, well you get the point on that now don't you.  I am a practical horseman.. Don't forget I like riding and that would be nice to work out as I do miss.. I'll stop there but you can understand ... oop's there I go again:)  Ugg!! Each town, city and place that has people already has these departments and the place to make sure that their families of these departments can be near their spouses to ensure no more stress to them or their children, father, mother and so on.  This is very important for what is about to come down heavily on this country and the problems you will be facing.

Imagine now that we fall prey to a threat either by extreme weather or extreme terror.  Most will run to their local church, temple or mosque; this is what we are trying to avoid as that causes people to point fingers, blame and hate as they scream about who's god did what or what all these prophecies they so whole hardily believe tend to theme.  Now as the Town Hall is of a Town's Seat the idea is to eliminate the inflammatory of the religious throw-up and return to immediate implementation of safety and logic to safety and the ability to implement it without stepping on toes do to religious freedoms.  I.E. the police are not religiously motivated and their career is a calling to maintain the law as it comes to their shoulders.  By this route the people have a tendency to calm and not become enraged about a perceived threat by the 'whomevers' which always ends badly for everyone, as once the chaos begins trying to return to a calm is utterly impossible without all the guilt for the happenings during and while the chaos delivers disaster.  So by the my approved support idea through appropriate channels I wish to have active vaults with real money for each Department to be able to rely on in case the country or said town falls to what seems impossible but does happen, they go broke.  Under circumstances my funds would keep the basic up and running therefor keeping chaos from hitting that church to embellish in the 'I told you so's' that those persons love to push.

The CIA, FBI, NSA, ICE, SWAT to my knowledge are all Federal supported and therefore my calendar is not of their concern as should the Government fall into chaos .. well thats on you.  The onward forward plan involves the continue to that reality as a plan is better than no plan to encounter surprise and find you too have entered the doors of chaos.

Now the President is able to say to the Minutemen through the Sheriff Department idea of the Old West and you are now able to deputize the Minutemen and STILL maintain an Oath and An Order to the lay of the land and the law that needs to remain consistent or you will loose before you begin.  The mineral oil makes the easy id in one day as each department can advise the community in that day of a need to be exact in scent should the Middle East decide to do another extreme on our Country.

Essentially the Police are Monks and (hee, hee) the Officer at the Golden Gate Mounted Unit is the Pope, High Priest, Dali Lama, Master of the Seer, you get the point: Don't laugh:) I worry a lot can you tell??

I believe you get the idea of this plan. I have a funny feeling about the stuff I write being worth something and that means unless I can know SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY, I forget and say I don't know a lot:)


private smiles, say hello to Colin Powell!!

P.S.  the reason you do it this way is to free up the Armed Forces so that you are not accused of weird wilds and that backs up the Departments so that it is not accused to that same weird faction of separating out from or joining with such circulation of fears that people love to equip the public width.  By me financially backing it keeps it like it did long ago for the Fire Department in San Francisco or something like that, regardless it keeps the finances separated and the States, Cities and Towns are able.... you get the idea.  Like the idea of separation of Church and State but different, anyhow it eases the you know how it could  down and better to be prepared than not be honest about human nature.

* Be wise to the word 'purchase' as to give a person 'purchase' is to create a standing.  This is not a purchase of Goods to sell at a price.  This is the Ancient understanding of what 'purchase' stands for in the fact that words have meaning to whom would choose to comprehend all that I have written and not jump to conclusions for sprite. has many definitions however it is also the meaning of said word that is often put to confusion for the mob to jump all over it and produce a debt by way of producing confusion to further their objective in matters of the heart.  To be clear, the define of word to my pulse, my heart and my life will be clarified to you by knowing *purchase
18. the annual return or rent from land.
19. a firm grip or grasp, footing, etc., on something.
verb (transitive)
to draw, haul, or lift (a load) with the aid of mechanical apparatus
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