Friday, June 24, 2016

Interestingly As Fountain Ripples It Is That Ground Which Speaks Telling Of The Plunge Yet On That Ripple What Caused The Original Sew??

Note to Self: This post was written on my google blog 'The Secret of the Universe is Choice; Know Decision by I, Karen Anastasia Placek and held in draft until 'Published June 24th, 2016'. At and for my reference to the many more posts in 'the hold' google time stamp on my acer laptop computer running Windows to say the time is 9:36 PM to date and state Published Now. Original and free write done by I on June 22nd, 2016.

At shim the construction of a floor,
the balance of abandonment causes a process of fall in,
to know that the arm is nigh the thigh and the elbow that joining of the need,
this is that shore??,
it is the beach at a seat.

Should the clay nigh the Clam than the grit is sand??,
it is the waves,
the hand of nature to invite a steady lay to the land,
while this is not evolution the understanding follows a creations theme,
to that is the boat or the orca,
the first fin to see that it is the River,
a thirst for Fresh Water made what on the gill??.

Trout have know of adapt to thorough are the file,
shed that width in an instant,
blue eyes in history have been told to the book that color changed in one day,
these rainbows of that pot of gold relieves the understanding of coorespondence to the rainbow of stream,
for what is that reflection but the combination of the waters lean,
in show the Mountain will yawn??,
or is the expression of the Valley finally Scene to know that bridges Keep??,
on course is the foundation to a Theme.

Season come and seasons again??,
rounds on the years to know of the for corners of Earth,
the Human Being is of otherwise!!

These simple Kicks to the dirt is but dust should that Mud not know the silk of the Worm,
for yes a spider does spin yet what is the Web??,
a Network of fine wool to the Mammoth or the Elephant in charge??,
the coffee to a chapter on the exit of only a dawn.key stretch as the lights are of Set??,
be in that is the cadence of the Rainbow as Representation of simplicity in complexions Feat!!

A bearing of such is not the remainder as Nature trues a chorus,
it is the beauty it is the compass of a fantastic formulation,
the road to shown is a habit of what is a tooth in the gear of evolution butter or cream as Milk.king??,
the shepherd off a staff is locked bye the certain obtain,
yet should the heard be of known than The Home is no longer on the Range,
for a song to an ear is the corn of the Maize as the bread is not the Tea and whisk.key is mirror broom Means??,
navigate to a what is another fathom,
should the abandonment relieve or release the seat??,
that leaves real.eyes!!! 

There is no Ancient Wall that is able to Sting with a Chisel as the reality of Wares as the hammer is Wise,
the slammer represents the in print to sand of clays method,
yet on that dry face.sing it is the shoulder that Stands to be the read a loud to whom is of no chorus,
for those that choose to revel will only find repetition a Habit and storm the Feast,
those that deliver Choice will a.mend to the built to know the nail needed to say to hammer,
 Hello Head??,
awe for the power of the one incredible thing that is a true formula,
The Arms!!!

To the Watch it is Easy to Speaker of the Treasure,
as a box is what to the days between the ocean and the sea,
lagoon, bays or the inlets that case the file to a see water's waist on the Tide's retreat,
and what is revealed will be the fill to the covered by uncovering the depth to reach a basis,
as the glacier melts the thought to global fear is on a fathom,
for what is hidden will come to speech,
why prepare with voice to construct,
to develop more.toll fear or regard the inevitable as done??,
should a precedence be Set than the melt is to the hour not the ability to say Mathematical Viper in coil to strike as that is a given as lime is Too state.

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