Friday, June 24, 2016

Its Just A Forge!!!

Would it not be a delight for the Officer at the Golden Gate Mounted Unit to have a hug today,
that the simple Hello from a President to the "who are you" came to say,
"where is this fountain" on the look to a barn in a band of lyrics to verse.

Well deep in the letter there is a Chief that is on the Tale of a long shore sort of Storm??,
in that is the bit to say Hi!!

What a barrel of a chortle to know that love is the wonderful,
a Sir Prized with the Thought to just Know,
that the fathom of a great is also in addition my big brother Ed.

Why that makes for the In for May shin a Doctorate of degree,
should the ride to such a terrible truth compass a graduation??,
these are the days of wonder to incredible leans,
so on the off chance the monopoly goes to the Bank be sure to be of Lecture for I.

I was under fine determination that my Ancient Soil for the Fire Department was a rare,
that idea of how the what is the this to the that on the fare.row,
a good time in the whistle of how the thimble of a thread goes,
its Up down Up down oh wait thats Posting!!

don't forget to love yourself Officer at the stable,
its a fine toe back owe that makes that barn a ride,
those Men gave to I the bridle and a true compass to life,
a day to remember,
a best of better is that fact that you carry Onward Forward,
eyes have it!!!

written on June 23, 2016,
posted on June 24th, 2016 at 7:26:00 PM
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