Friday, August 26, 2016

A Guide To Group^Pers That Are Shake Keen The Saw Wrist To Be^Cons and Clear!!!!

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the stool to cork the rise in pitch of sleeve is finding the words that treble,
cleft in musical theory My Mother a concerto in Instruction,
the gut lo abdomen as the gauge or for the guide should won say breath??.

Shift to the National challenges??,
it is the describe of fraction on division visa 'V' Theater,
move ease,
speaking Speech show when adopt shin touch interpretation should the vote sku??,
price per pence on coin as the flip on cent Tour course??,

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glass see knows piece once audience??

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enter view,
raising cane ankle sugar,
cream method while honing a tent shinned too heal reads wimps,
yet that Peter doubting Thomas is a beach.

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for cork the sham pane gave sit a zens a big stall,
for the harness is bridle the bit is a curb,
shackles came verb bing and nouns say its burr??,
what is the Ice is on a Cup in the thump,
a rabbit or Turtle that Heads a still tump??

As Cent touch Dee Cent Wares the wattage apron,
puppets to Trump pits that merry the feeds,
yet should the hand spelt trip to a stoop,
while the pen And stow writ in oop's goes the Troll??.

Carriage of words working the Crowds,
above counter cradle and get what it dulls beens,
the cent tense will rock and booths will Fall feather,
in the season of scatter a scrap met Toll lab to pea Tree dish as a method of bow and air.row,
to placard of diving as the teft is a drag,
the line is a arbor to case study the saw.

The bot of the See,
a sand in the froth,
lathe to chin strap ping the hell meant of months that delivers to scuba for the cheers bye just bumps,
The Bends!!!!

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