Friday, August 26, 2016


Lets dance the Waltz of Times,
the mull to duh brie inch the ice as a slides detail to sign the Ages as Iron grasp,
reach age earth dirt grounds as built by template plates on stretch thoughts to comforting lied,
Tides say to Traffic that the its are in the hours detailing of Everyday Fax,
look at the value of arbors artistic??,
reality is that bridge thus Toll on beep honk horn!!!!

Now on the vain in most discard the giants at the desk of dust shelves with tacking lists,
each process is the melt of glacier find,
a grace in the subtle charge to change??,
it is the ability of Wonders of the whirled,
round to been and up goes the sync,
a certain sway of sweet Feeds that individual eyes course Jams??.

Width that brain to the mind of Matter in a grid to the graph on Ancient guitar at the migrate Ding!!

Cheers to those ability to torque fathom while the roads pier to shipping lanes,
shingle a pad.dull to the idea of oh's??,
great found day shins will sween.knee a perhaps to delve,
drive with the Ages of golds and Elements asking not off sleeve,
for computers and leans have brought technology to land!!!

Relay.shin.Ship is a store.ridge that Cents to a pen,
stow name bye navigational pull,
where in that shift is a tap,
this is a piece of craft that speaks as the muds drip dried,
from that to the buffalo saying gnu,
worlds voices in sigh neigh long shore Mensa to sew.Shoal??,
wise is Glenn Beck tax eat to this dinner on the sift,
Fork & Soup??.

say that once a profess.shin.knoll granite thus pwned,
didst thou study haul to echo etch as a draw??,
is that like streakers and miles??,
a grace that signs Out to signature a strike of bowel.Lanced??,
Nifty Nigh Oles may.ache Moore's bogs towel^lends and shoe.ooid!!!!

Post Script

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