Friday, August 26, 2016

The Wares of Portcullis??

A grit of sands be leaf to a stone of hinge once Art,
the cliff is aspect as coupons grow,
food gathers,
faces sneer,
the base is a shoulder at the shoveling spring as the sprouts of brussels collect cucumber sheds!!

Tools often Mankind to Hi Tech and Knobs,
hugs are occasion to the thermal big miled,
trailer a show a port of sherry,
the glass is the glasses that knows of the brows,
to Turk on the Trumpet the Puppets be lined,
speak of lyre and that Harp guts a lion!!

Roar Rings off Mead be Drinks from the Chutes,
chimney brains that Mind to think keen sew soughts that audience ankle at hobbled by Lot!!

Shem Mi eh Long at Ages be Frank,
poe leased to the known from I to the Keeps??,
there is no dungeon on lairs that steep stun,
the horse to the Officer it is the more in the hand!!!

Former be sort the File Treasures,
beaches that full to the loads of the seas,
waves granite frost tour touch ice glacier meld,
slides that blink life lives to growing a clammed!!!

Peak Mountain,
that stile of valley gone bridged,
the cable ore satellite that strides to a spanned,
the Net work of phishing??,
not my bother this panned,
fries fork to spats and that is just land??,

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