Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good Morning America Episodes To Mon^Deed On Wins.Day!!!!

TV Guide Rating: ABC's durable early-morning series mixes news, interviews, entertainment and lifestyle features. A retooled version of `A.M. America' (which lasted less than 10 months), `GMA' has perpetually competed with NBC's more senior 'Today' for morning ratings.

Premiered: November 3, 1975
Rating: None
Two & eh have Stars to futures,
great export,
share the trades to cricket fee's,
this eh IM on ABC Good Mourning America???

Watch this First Commercial Advertisement on local ABC Channels to the introduction, 
the reality is You must Waist the turn to know the slamming lathe as Sum.More Time coin;
'want arms like (named gold medalists)' gem diamonds??,
than watch this morning August 17th, 2016 at schedule on schedule Won for the Wall Street,
it is the face of whom is profiting from the immediate stand,
does this make that NBC Commerce say by hand,
partner in crime??.

Is the now to that actual show the warm-Up whigs,
is the hare rabbit to the wanker on a ripping-off of treasuries,
does it fee.ole good??,
of course it must as did that act.cent penny wise to the years of shirt??.

A question answered to^day on eh bee see:

Convert those Years of exact to a 2016 Number,
than the be can mark this a grand fate as deep to line,
852 Weeks =
16.328877 Years!!!

'Good Morning America' Breaks 'Today's' Winning Streak, Becomes No. 1 Morning News Show

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