Wednesday, August 17, 2016

In 1975, Milk ran for Supervisor and won. This marked one of the most important wins for the Gay Community in history.

Passion is the touch of word to the actual reality of life itself on the energy of raised,
oh for the caliber of that Milk,
with each day it is the hug from the distant scar of sew thread,
the silk in the sphere to know that Stars are an hour in this ground of scene,
a grace that sees to knowing that balance is this ream,
a binder of paper to write the things,
that bring to envelope more than a tree,
for on that once upon the story a 1978 Year of what religion did to I.

Shifts to the Office of Self,
in that is the Opera of Symphonic Means,
a trumpet for the rosin that violin leans,
a bow to draw the cello by a musical rhyme,
those piano the bench just morsel a bit,
at apron of the strings.

Saxophone these notes to treble the vocals increase that wand of Orchestra,
true to stream bring in the drums ask not the harp,
feel as the floor begins to hum a ride to the ears of audience,
parked in the seats of humanity at the trades of what is a stipulation,
with more than a whistle train with the balance,
harness discipline,
exploration is natural to the in-purpose of chose,
mark the Times in Ages to gauge the lanes of Mankind!!

Treat a voice to the Listening of what is a thought to chorus in that Lot,
rise to occasion,
writ is in the ancient sign of a process singing!!

To hear the heard on gracious matter is the inch to the mile of filed record,
the verb to the Noun a bare.role of still makes this painting a Fresco for I,
for while City Hall said shallow bill the freedom to ring gave residence to sight as a Goods,
onward forward to the depth of understanding more than myself,
in found the parade of what gossip and religious maids,
it deep veins in literal the callous berth of pi.lawns,
on History the rape and that divide,
oh for that pain in the languages of charge to the church and slam that bee^Con to the pew.

Might this day say to those Blinds of the Rome holding a Pope,
you have given the take in a Priest,
shot the stagger to I in the path of you're rebuke,
exorcisms taste the named to grid you're fellow plaster in memory slight,
may the Pole of the Day range to you're shive of no-children,
as you gain to The Forrest of Families that supply the Catholic Church with Suppers at cost??,
the Catholic Christian vamps the Dragoon to break the Bank,
an egg cast at time!!

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