Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I gravel Time to know the Futures,
that for the aspect of what is a file not the shavings,
in struck by the volume,
Sound is the Virtue in that is the River shale to Explain.

Earth on Global Hots,
these days of Thunders chored to speak what is Lightning,
sky speech.

Across the Now on Ounce,
measure knot,
face this to say word,
a Treasure to raised in the Freeze of Humanity and its Blanket,
roses musk.

While people suppose a pick to sheet,
the ghost of more is nigh the shower of reins reality,

Deck of Mountain,
valley of Grand Canyon on Handsome Stile,
oh for the worthy that have in a single choice given to I a comfort,
awe is from the pass to forward a Goods rule,
to comprehension drive this music with a grain of salt to say that Sands in Time Universe Cosmos as a lane,
these happened in a memory of shore that I know Ancients cry,
the tiers of Millionth shingle to sing lyrics with verse!!

Stretching with my mind I bellow to why the journey is The Watchers on an!!!

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