Thursday, August 18, 2016

Heeling While The Whirled Is Sneeze^Zing Makes Pea^Tree Dishes Vulnerable To Cause^Tick Tricks Or Real^Lies^Sing The Shaking Hand As A Cold???

What is cough.fee to the apron of coffin on heeling??,
is the inch to the measure of new.clear.ear will.low??,
is that treat ot the smoke on the X IT Too!!

Drive this Engine to the Whirl of Hydrogen,
as the hose is in the Waist,
than brake that Shoe,
is the Nigh.Lawn sewn to Hem US Fear??

Graph that 7-11 to Ginger^Ale,
then in the root beer of magnitude,

One for the through,
to for the California on education width,
San Francisco to the words Queer ore gay on the Hoe.Mow.Sex.Shoo.ALL,
my desire to the tremendous my^nor is the pheasant of orange peeled??,
it is the fact that sentences have trending morsels of chalk,
the sidewalks of curb to made for out lines as present and a count did??

March this to Awl Lesbian fetters as a shore of no appeal,
the concept of that digitized clamber maid evident the parade,
this is From as To Whom it may concern as a Cork,
the sham.pane as win^doughs??,
no for that would be as the grease to fry the spit in the eye!!!

Educate the realm of Wreath to Ivy League Tellers that chorus ain't Knot lyrics,
freeze the blunt to that boat of lagoon on the back-end of a compass,
than watching that stoop text.tile.lean,
look to the boot,
the lift of shirt to rank the porch,
as that is in raised is the conversation hertz orphanage or ample lied??

Well in that is a Rooster??,
just the have a new chart to the man.ewe.fact.chew.err??,
it is the truth that channels??,
no that's fir.geed to bowl.bust and the virtue of silents on the whoa.MAN!!!!

Hour and Men.its to tack this with Redwoods and Birch,
the sleek music in Simon as that is the famous worth of speak.King,
wright the wise to onward for.warred,
just like a byrd in the hand??,
nigh the jib of flagging,
it is the pole that frames a greater than ditch,
it is the fee.lean that goes with the grip to stomach a gut,
this now is 'ole boy' how's the faxed a bigger detail to the question of a three Fast??

Certainly the shore of sand in ankle,
the vista of what is a Lance,
the father or the mother in answering the ring,
but what of the freak that knows this is all trash,
is it left to write the 30Year crash,
ore is the ground and earth is the dirt.tea lit.toll blunt on that hurtful Front!!

Beseech you're Selves as Language,
board.ding school for the lesson and class for the grade,
hare.row to came.bridge,
graduation is in the gift??,
in said those cheese Wine and cocktail nap,Kin.duh to lime!!

Squeeze the Hugging at Staged,
the suit of astronaut greece monk.key,
than at the thump remember the be,
for life is special on delivery and the rest is the fined??,
know that The Judges at the Beach with their tows in the Sand,
it is each grain that is granule,
talk it with a frog and the toad to a shell as the clam of the oyster purr.role,
for the missing piece is the palm,
a hand to remind the trip of the journal,
patent the sync and disappointment will only be for the cheers! at move.ease.

Wise is the System to Universe in Port.shun,
raft.tier to logic at this in the eventual,
for the Internet is the level of Balance at bit,
smile for the face.time,
jump and bounce for the Walk,
learn to be that fashion of address and the Brit.DISH school.len will Music to a part.tick.cue.lure found at the cross.sing!!!

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