Thursday, August 18, 2016

Know Title To Play^Kate On What Is Real To Just Saying!!!!!

the structure of the now at trend to not even punctuate the speak on initials,
is the primer of hiding history Inn the Malcolm of Serenity on Firefly by Play,
an example??,

The Mankind off Humanity is the what on Now in the National Media,
explain or the define of how Catholics did the hour of Science in cult Sect shin kneeing to Cause??

Deed is in certain the simplest frost of Ice in the glass vs Neat on the rocks,
surely that is as frank as the recipe of scene,
Nice and see did,
that field of crop a Baal to bail a Short to discuss the E!.Ven. DISH Guard,
a per flexion to muscle clams for the Oi!^Stir,
that is reality on a sill of Windows to the my Crow soft special to hell.Lo!!

The Man.U^Awl off sleeve is a now a Knot.tick.Coal rein,
the sigh.Mon. of Wins.Day is the Sunny factor of this Won.Dure bred to War with e!.quill.lean??

gnaw that was a bit ago and now this is just for the fun.knee to remind Chess of checkers this AM,
as the radio on rise gave I an idea of cork,
the pane is these treasures of pots and Pans to whisk a Hey striction to memory of tows in the sand,
this is the Mountain that Bridges to gold in gate ask.keen self discipline to keep in the holds!!!

Mind, Brain & Sole!!!!

The Secret of the Universe is "Choice", a malignant narcissist can make one.

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