Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Read Balloon With Booked & Chapter To Edge The Flower Of Sleeves And Sneeze.Zing!!!!

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Should have the being born in the City of San Francisco refresh this memory,
than this is a Chess Board on those Buses that we waited at the stops,
as the raise is in memory bored,
does the piece Rook to a Move.Ease treed to a paint.Ding!!

The days of just the scene,
a perfect.shin to the door on verses the next catch for the schedule to home,
remember the walk to that Fillmore on the Geary or choice Clement to the thorough,
as the transfer went to the straights as cross-town would know the pan-handle of the DMV,

street to task goes,
feel the breathe thicker to date??,
simple to the tacking-Up is to be prepared??,
heavy books to the back-pack as the text is more's code to this Quick of neigh^Ole.

Shore to Ship the body be Framers mile,
be leaved is most to the test of emergence of the steady on the port,
hear in the ear a ring,
spreading to the owl.lure.gees that bring envelope to this letter,
the Richmond to the Sunset at the Tenderloin of lecture.

Coffee and cream or is the Sugar be strongs to diction of add the Mathematics,
the era of most will turn-nip to this nestle,
crunch is knot the belly to the gut of grant song!!

Smokes on the bic to the fact that perk Grinds??,
nigh the hour of minute to sing,
forest to grove the redwood on Snead,
Jeeves is a Car.Toon that maid Bell to that Spring??

Article a glass of Watt.Tour have Fulled??,
than the brim to thought is the hide be straw??,
the bits to the saddle the girth billets know,
that with the equipment it is acoustic by loud??.

looks like the show of Garrick be sign as what is the draw on Star Wars be penned??

mind to brain a cough with an ache,
flew taste the cougher swinging base is a brow,
ripple of fountain,
yet Onward Forward is My Mother on found to be of the Go,
therefore by the shield I state to simply complex,
be why!!!!

Travel the message in Goods to the ole-fashioned matter be True,
these daisy to electric be safe,
for the to is the thread of silks that taught sea,
and now in the laughter that I know from my long,
I place to the Tiers a broad.way to shift,
ask Turret to Cable Car Men as the Ferry be Stood,
brick to brick is the mortar to Rossi Pool Ed,
speak.keen to saying just the fastest path to you're dress.Sir be Glad??,
you're just a better dictionary to thimble as Nana said a stitch in time saves nine!!!!