Monday, August 15, 2016

In Reflection What Is The Virtue To Know A Stream???

Should the venue be of greater countenance on the breadth of life itself,
the application of computer to the airport terminal know of a mache,
the computer to a shore that X Ray on the lift to gauge the Iron of the Ages of cars and shock,
to be of the window introduction is both shore and waves to floods of fire on guard,
to be of the screen in the stall as the bale of speak,
it is the founder of straight to that bullet prove??,
it is the manufacturer to balance that front wheel driver to a special stop as a whoa!!

The technology today is menu on the frost,
making the fun and games matter,
the galaxy at crust for shaken to sand a grain at the salt is peppering what on the watts bulb,
flowers to sum,
the avenues to chart the nest,
or is it the simplicity of stating that a carriage is not the reason for the advance photo graph.feeing??

Try the Fact that Files at the Sharks of Whales to cosmic the Dolphin tale,
is that fly by night the tackle of hardware as the pull to be on in chants??,
does the persons breast of flies make the people granted to more of gossips to trip,
like an LSD journey in the Reality with 'Out' that type Ping.

Shells and Clams,
oysters to the diamonds on the Digs??,
is rock talks to martre the a Vail as the scene is but a treed,
shift to a schedule and honest supper with bread and circa senses!!

owe however,
the Media and the bunches of banana Slips to skirt detail as the Money belts dried Shapes??,
fickle are the courses??,
it is the formation of a thought to those that would put Humanity to a cent,
not a sent.troll that just flakes the Feed to the very nest bra of bravodo to Vlad!!!

As grass is in the technique of what is the shoreline on the Ocean bottom,
the Tides on the Fog,
the Weather width For.Cast as Op.pose.sit.Shin,
it is the chills that geese can say to the port of direction there is a skid to wake!!!

Fluster not the ankle of Telephone to the coming Ages of lathe at beacons,
lighthouse to the Coast as the shipping choice to say that comprehension is gain,
not the take-a-way to get-a-way to enhance the stick figure to hide the steep,
each every gravel to that pebbling of road is on the Cobbler's Stone of shingle,
the gull.a bowl is the fleece.sing,
a goods to be on the range is more than a safe,
not a vault,
it is just comprehension of the combination of a hare.row.when.

For that I tremble Society at denial of Time in the lives of the Loc's,
as the Mon.Knee of reels,
the shed of stools to Wares of scripts,
yet what of the edits,
the clips on the cutting room floors,
it is more than a graves yard,
it is not the singing jay^ole to the makers of Swat as a bug repellent,
for in the definition of care in harbor,
its the pier to reach that one grace of speaking gently in the storms Wind of hands faced,
it is that moment in the second of a split cable on the wire of code,
that is the wisdom of knowing the words to why's to date a treasure not scour a gut,
August 15th the Year of 2016,
the Time on acer is 3:58 AM,
what is that Means should the elbow not be of a strangers lean,
it is the hug of shore to say that every life stands to score??

Nigh the hours on the Scheduled Shifts that start to the Core,
for that is the now on the now of the now at the now of your eyes read,
out to that is the grains that have the uniform of cadence not the slate of chalk to graze the flounder!!!

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