Monday, August 15, 2016

The Space Realities To Walking Down The Fiber To Talk A Sphere On Grounds Off Sleeve Is What To The Unidentified Shopper???

The balm of train in the light Master of Galaxy to a Universe on the Milky Way shock,
is it the truth of compass to know that stars on the lit to cosmic waves,
ore the diamond on oxygen that trees become a say to talk the pheasant,
a feather to write to the whale as the shore is the oceans lakes,
that pier not known as the grains made to the form of the shape of coast.

Done on the long scene as the slope to the Times in Ages of the farther,
future to the past the religious to the text,
which is that the marrow thwarts to discussion of magnitude,
is it the be of the written to conversation of translation to the sky or your head??

Should that be the group of fish go buy bread to tackle the bait as twine in wire string Thor,
is the Odin not that Zeus or is all forgotten for convenience of only the popular fashion to at dressed,
that Viking on the Voyage far beyond the yawn of War,
it is the thunder in the lightening of that twister that is more than a sigh.clone!!

Measure these Words with the Calendar to date the Fork to that Window of Scene,
is the imagination in the barriers of people the mind or the brain to that stock of rebuking,
does the Vile barf the Bark or cork the bottle of Wine to tape the Syrup for the lates??

What is the flour of said to the Bulb of red should the chart be on Venue not Menu of price flux.shoe.a.shun,
is that the consideration of that process of parade as more than the singular short story bored,
is that garden as the know or is it the but to the crutch of sew??

Threads as suits to clothes of silk in the Web of now is the trans to slight variable of reality in aye,
is the minuet to the hour on the punch or the clock of the big beens,
cheese at the shallow factor is the divide,
valley at the Grand Canyon to exploration ankle that actually has an interest to a speak,
that look, look at what and the person says to see 'its just there',
in that fathom of speech is the computer the tuxedo of clarity to the virtual reel.awl.IT.tee of lied.

Well on the show of just a crock to the pottery of virtue the for with that summer salt,
is that not in and of itself to the fraction on the skinned knees of an.gull??,
did the Swan Sing to the Dive off to that tremendous fined of those on the Fee's as Whoa??,
nigh the class to schedule of education for the from,
not the nettle nor the thumb,
it is the bank to the starter of that shard!!!!!

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