Monday, August 15, 2016

The Scribe On Mars To Say To Awl

Once on The Watch it is the expression of this silents that is a state of being,
fresh touch to stretch the words off the stall,
from the people of energy,
shall the Cosmos language.

Does it reality to balance the drum of Humanity to close a treasure for the falls,
is it the grape to straw,
mucking only on that call to tell what is the proverb with verse at tale,
each avenue on the map a chart at the city wides,
across a country,
the streets that aye traveled,
those shadows on the walls.

Sadly persons have gone to the tongue,
the finger in the flip,
a scold to follow what is the protection of when convenience strikes that answer,
inch that to measure the car,
the lights of thunder at this it is a cause,
speaking as a Flute to ankle the miles,
friends these are not just empties to speak a speech of record,
these are the variances that have length to understand a shore,
the steady of study experience as a shelf is as a cliff knows,
its a compass its a wave its a path to bring that develops out of just love,
strange to those that may flight to negate the stream,
yet a river on a mountain is the snowflakes dream in an ocean of tears,
the salt that filled the eyes of stance to write only a beach is as not the fathom,
for with Title on read this leads to know strength not fear!!

As quick is to choice,
asking for that minute on the voice,
grace of time to second out in a hour or sixty Men.its' from what has Centuries at-hand,
for trotting,
these are the vocals of a giant crater,
the ancient whole,
it is the truth of Academy harnessed with Opera,
the Training width,
pause for that complete.shin,
it is the compass of no gas to light the ignition,
steady as the lyrics cradle those that know of source.

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