Monday, August 15, 2016

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The National Media strides the Control to the System of the Mathematics,
once at the delivery of information now its the influence of the spake,
to wheel that aspect to the apron strings of puppetry the thirst of certain is chorus to The News!!

First its the once up on the pawn to story the board as the shakers,
than the peppering of flyers per the anchors on the chair.rubbed,
to engage that flats marrow to thicken the plotters,
it grains to the a Tent shins to task the next Venue!!

The bra is the chess piece on the short fort to brain reason as whiz.dumb??,
nigh the hour of slate to chalk out the find on the drill of that verbal be loud,
more a tore E! Um??.

Tack that a First Shall.lo to the verses that bank to the Operation fallow,
ditch to be field of the Crops at the whip Ping cream on milk sugar lathe,
that see in aitch as the what on the spelling of department,
death by proxied through the shots of National Media enhance.meant??.

Due ABC, NBC, CBS to the Public broad Casting chores??,
buy production and class the system scheduled.

Tee 'V' Guide to Grids of light less Soars,
the car will define a light to that harness of a Trailer on that Talk Video of spreading brings to deal,
that is the thrush in the hoofs frog to know Cop.per.Talks!!!!

Be Value to Measure and that Stream is the Rivers Gain,
not the lyre of Harp.Peas at the ankles of dirt to Jocks,
in this ink to that script it is the true heart that brings letter to walk the beat,
not some under-rated behind the desk gathering of gossiping clatter to banter the blankets smudges,
for that it is the Anchor Bankers that have Scripts to the cut and Readies,
owe for the commercial to tact.tile make-up with blush.

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